Environmental Guidelines and Standards for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria ( EGASPIN)

As one of its statutory functions, the Department of Petroleum Resources is required to ensure that petroleum industry operators do not degrade the environment in the course of their operations. To effectively carry out these regulatory activities, the Department has been developing environmental guidelines and standards since 1981. These cover the control of the pollutants from the various petroleum exploration, production and processing operations.

This publication is an update of these, guidelines and standards in light of the advancements in the current treatment and pollution control technology.

It covers environmental control of various petroleum activities in Nigeria, including exploration, production, terminal operations, hydrocarbon processing plants, oil and gas transportation and marketing. It includes where applicable, a discussion of the sources and characteristics of gaseous, liquid and solid wastes generated, principal control methods and effluent limitation and standards. It is the intention of the Department of Petroleum Resources to update this publication periodically as new knowledge becomes available

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