30 Jan 2020


A stakeholder engagement between DPR and the Executive Committee of NLPGA held at the DPR head office in Lagos recently.

The engagement became imperative, with the rising spate of incidences associated with LPG and CNG respectively.

The NLPGA Executive Committee led by its President Mr. Nuhu Yakubu, thanked the DPR for the collaboration with the association over the years. He insisted that a lot of progress has been made in the LPG market in the short term and the association is advocating new growth opportunities which will explore LPG for transport and industrial use which will impact LPG penetration from 7.5 million cylinders currently, to an annual addition of 10 million cylinders, which is in line with Federal Government’s LPG penetration initiatives.

The NLPGA President reassured DPR of the association’s commitment to Government’s plan for the sector, by promoting legislation and policy programs that set timelines for the transition of domestic fuels like kerosene to LPG at all levels.

The NLPGA also observed that, in the last decade Government’s policy interventions and incentives had generated considerable success in investments in LPG infrastructure.

Responding on behalf of the Director/CEO Engr. Sarki Auwalu MNSE, Mr. Olusanya Bajomo (Deputy Director & Head Gas Monitoring & Regulations Division) welcomed the visiting delegation on behalf of DPR Management.

He reiterated Federal Government’s plans on domestic gas utilization, Gas to Power initiatives, LPG Penetration and launch of the Nigeria Gas Transportation Network Code, he also provided updates on the status of the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Program (NGFCP) which is at the Request For Proposal (RFP) stage and the introduction of LPG and CNG as an alternative to PMS for use by the automotive sector.

The Director challenged the association to encourage its members to be proactive in the area of safety at LPG and CNG plants nationwide, to reduce the indiscriminate incidences of explosions which has led to loss of lives and property worth millions of Naira.

The Deputy Director and Head, HSE Division Dr. Musa Zagi, emphasized the importance of safety of Add-on facilities at petroleum products retail outlets nationwide. He stressed the importance and value of human lives vis a vis the environment and safety of gas facilities in Nigeria.

Engr. Bajomo informed the association that the DPR is currently reviewing the status of Add-On’s with respect to safety, as current statistics are very unfavorable.

The President of NLPGA presented the Director with a copy of a recommended Self-Assessment Safety Audit checklist across the LPG value-chain for all LPG stakeholders. The checklist is not a replacement to DPR’s regulations but rather to aid LPG stakeholders prepare adequately prior to DPR’s inspections of their facilities.