Services Division is made up of a selfless, hardworking, dedicated, committed and reliable team charged with the mandate to provide optimal service delivery at all times, taking proactive measures to ensure the functionality and effectiveness of office facilities and assets in the Commission. The following services are being rendered by the Team:

  • Provision of conducive and standardized offices to facilitate the ease of doing business and sufficiently accommodate the workforce, achieving the Organisational Corporate Objectives.
  • Supervision and monitoring of office building projects including renovation, upgrade and construction.
  • Provision of furniture and allocation of office space to Management and Staff.
  • Effective maintenance of workplace facilities and the inculcation of maintenance culture amongst internal stakeholders.
  • Protection of office buildings, facilities and amenities against eventualities of fire thus preserving the Commission’s assets.
  • Sustenance and improvement of workplace Aesthetics and the effective administration of statutory obligations for the smooth running of all work processes, thereby ensuring work productivity.
  • Provision of safe voyage for Staff and VIPs on official assignments, thereby facilitating swift engagements with the Oil and Gas Industry and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Effective administration of official vehicles Insurance in collaboration with reputable insurance companies.
  • Consistently providing and maintaining a safe and secure office environment.

Our watch words in the Services Division are Efficiency, Effectiveness, Proactiveness, Innovation and Excellence.

The team assiduously and selflessly work together to harness the resources available to thrust the Commission to greater and loftier heights. We will continue to support the Commission to be Africa’s leading Regulator by promoting sustainable value creation through Professionalism, Responsiveness, Ownership and Integrity.


The General Administration Division (GA) within the Corporate Services and Administrative Department of the Commission is comprised of various integral sections, each playing a distinct role in fostering organizational efficiency, employee well-being, and sustainable growth.

At the heart of the Commission’s workforce management lies the Human Resources Section. The Employee Performance Management and Discipline Unit (EPMD) ensure fairness in staff evaluations and disciplinary procedures, while the Manpower Resource Planning (MRP) unit optimizes workforce efficiency. The Staff Welfare and Benefits (SWB) unit goes beyond traditional HR functions, ensuring employee satisfaction through transparent compensation practices and comprehensive support.

The Human Capital Development Section strategically aligns employee skills with organizational goals, fostering continuous learning and innovation to drive sustainable success and maintain a competitive edge.

Dedicated to proactive healthcare initiatives and high standards of medical care, the Medical Section ensures employee well-being, creating an environment conducive to organizational success.

Driving organizational evolution through internal and external cooperation, the Transformation and Innovation Section integrates cutting-edge technologies and digital practices to optimize operations and achieve strategic objectives.

Nurturing positive relationships between management and staff, the IER Section fosters a harmonious work environment nationwide, contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of the Commission.

The Competency Administration Section employs innovative methods such as the NUPRC Knowledge Centre and Knowledge Sharing Sessions to foster continuous learning and professional growth among staff members, ensuring the organization remains agile and adaptive in a dynamic landscape.

In summary, the General Administration Division serves as the backbone of the Commission, ensuring efficient operations, employee well-being, and strategic alignment to drive sustainable growth and organizational success.