National Liquid Hydrocarbon Production Report:

In Nigeria, Hydrocarbon is currently extracted from 323 developed fields located in both onshore and offshore terrains. These fields, which either contain Crude Oil, Condensates or Natural Gas reservoirs, are connected to 265 production processing stations, after which the stabilised Oil and Gas are exported via 31 export terminals.

The onshore processing infrastructures are linked to 8 crude oil/condensates and NGLs export terminals through pipelines that span 5,284 km. Some of these delivery pipelines connected to the five onshore export terminals are utilised by both the asset operators and third-party oil producers, for transportation, storage and lifting of Crude Oil blends through export or delivery to domestic refineries.

Data on the oil production by stream, types of hydrocarbon and oil blends can be accessed via the link: 2024 Production data (PDF) (Excel format)