The National Production Monitoring System (NPMS) has finally come on stream. The objective of this project is basically to provide an online platform to accurately monitor national crude oil production and exports, through the provision of a system for direct and independent acquisition of production data from oil and gas facilities in Nigeria to ensure timely and accurate reporting of production figures and export data. It replaces the current paper based report. NPMS ensures ready production reporting to FIRS, NEITI and other Agencies.

NPMS as envisaged will empower the NUPRC to better determine the royalty payable and issue demand notice on companies. In addition, the nation will be able to better predict the performance of oil and gas reservoirs and therefore better production forecasting.

The above objectives and gains are achieved essentially by implementing electronic data transmission at Export Terminals (onshore and offshore) by NUPRC personnel, as well as at the offices of the Operators. This data is then stored in a robust, secure and centralized data base to ensure uniformity, consistency and quality.

The system includes facilities for the NUPRC to exercise surveillance, perform production monitoring, and to be able to utilize the production data for analysis and forecasting. Access to data is also available to authorized NUPRC personnel, operators other relevant stakeholders.

The imperatives of the NPMS scheme cannot be over-emphasized, especially when viewed against the backdrop of persistent calls for a more efficient, accurate and robust surveillance of the nation’s oil production and export capabilities. The underlying strength of the NPMS is to further ensure NUPRC’s ability to accurately determine the exact revenue accruing to Nigeria from the oil and gas sector. A key benefit is that it also provides modern and reliable technology for fiscalization of crude.

All Oil Producing Companies are to submit production data through the portal forthwith to enable the Commission effect a comprehensive real time reporting of the nation’s daily production status to Government. Please note that failure to comply is contrary to Section 52 of the Petroleum (Drilling and Production) Regulations, 1969 as amended and will attract necessary sanctions from NUPRC.

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