Those activities which take place between the field transfer of Crude Oil and loading at the export terminal as well as the use of the Oil by the end–user. This encompasses the ocean transportation of Crude Oil, Supply and Trading, Refining, Distribution and Marketing of the Oil products.

Roles of DPR – Downstream

  • Issue approvals and licences for Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer Plants, Jetties, Depots, Lube blending and Retail Outlet
  • Ensure prompt nomination of crude, condensate & NGL export vessels
  • Ensure integrity of downstream Oil and Gas facilities and pipeline systems
  • Ensure measurement integrity at custody transfer points
  • Issue import permit and clearance for petroleum products
  • Issue export permits for crude oil and petroleum products
  • Determine the quality of imported petroleum products to ensure they meet established standards.
  • Implement government policies on Upstream Oil and Gas matters.