22 Jul 2019

DPR seals 25 filling stations, 4 illegal gas skids in Edo

The Department of Petroleum Resources has sealed 25 filling stations and four illegal gas skids in Edo State. A team of investigators led by DPR Operation Controller Mr. Maynard Oriaifo said the list of the affected filling stations had been forwarded to the Benin depot management to stop them from lifting products.

Oriaifo said a number of those facilities were neither licensed nor had any form of approval from the DPR. He said some of the sealed gas skids did not follow due process before installing the gas skid which contravenes the laid down law by the DPR.

“Also some of the gas skids owners did not have a valid license to operate while some of those which though have a valid license have expired and failed to renew it. Some of the plants were also found to be violating the safety practice.”