08 May 2018

Honourable Minister of State Petroleum Resources, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu & Team Endorse Digital Monitoring of Crude Oil Production and Figures, With the National Production Monitoring System (NPMS).

The Honourable Minister of State Petroleum Resources (HMSPR) has commended the DPR for achieving digital technological breakthrough in crude oil accounting through the deployment of the National Production Monitoring System (NPMS) platform.

The HMSPR who was on a working visit to the Department as part of his working tour of MDA’S UNDER THE Ministry, lauded the foresight of DPR in setting up the NPMS PLATFORM TO TRACK CRUDE OIL PRODUCTION REALTIME! THEREBY DISPELLING ALLEGATIONS THAT Nigeria does not know how much crude oil it produces.

The NPMS system is set up to achieve:

  • A Robust Data Bank for timely information and easy retrieval.
  • Improved Transparency in hydrocarbon accounting.
  • Improved Revenue Generated from hydrocarbon production and export.
  • Accurate Hydrocarbon Data (Production and Export) Monitoring.
  • Consistent High-Quality Data Publication.

The Minister stated that all major stakeholders in Nigerian including the Presidency, National Assembly, etc will have access to the platform on a real time basis, to enable alignment of production figures by all stakeholders.

The Minister further commended the DPR for its efficiency and timeliness in the discharge of its regulatory functions especially in the last three years.




The Minister also visited the National Data Repository (NDR) centre in DPR. He promised to provide all necessary assistance to DPR in all its digital initiatives.

The NDR is a data base that seeks to preserve and promote Nigeria’s exploration and production data such as seismic well logs. It is also the entity that governs, controls and supports data trade/exchange, leasing/prying, research and dissemination of exploration and production information.

The Minister was highly impressed with the NPMS platform and commended the DPR for being able to achieve digital monitoring of crude oil production on a real-time basis. He also directed DPR to set a similar monitoring station with access to the President, Vice President and himself.