25 Feb 2024

Inauguration of NUPRC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) by ICPC

On Friday, February 23, 2024, the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) inaugurated the newly constituted Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) at the Commission’s headquarters, Jabi, Abuja.

The event, which the Commission Chief Executive (CCE), Engr, Gbenga Komolafe chaired, had in attendance the Executive Commissioner, Economic Regulations and Strategic Planning, Mr. Babajide Fasina; Executive Commissioner, Development and Production, Mr. Enorense Adamasu; Executive Commissioner, Finance & Accounts, Muhammed Sabo Lamido; Executive Commissioner, Health, Safety, Environment and Community, Capt. John Roland Tonlagha; Commission’s Secretary and Legal Adviser, Bar. Olayemi Anyanechi, other staff members and representatives from ICPC.

In his opening remarks, the CCE said what the NUPRC is trying to achieve with the inauguration of the ACTU is to further demonstrate the Commission’s transparency as an organization.

“Since inception, it has been in the Commission’s DNA to sustain transparency in operational activities. This afternoon, the Commission is making further progress in demonstrating a commitment to transparency with the inauguration of the Anti-Corruption Unit, which is geared towards ensuring trust, transparency and accountability in the Commission’s operations,” Engr. Komolafe said.

The CCE took time to acknowledge and recognize the chairman of ICPC and the representatives present for accepting to be part of the event.

He noted that ICPC as an organization has lived up to its mandate, which includes examining the practices, systems and procedures of public bodies; and where such systems aid corruption, to direct and supervise their data, instruct, advise or assist any officer, agency or parastatal on ways by which corruption can be eliminated or minimized.

“The tireless efforts of ICPC have earned the Commission recognition as a beacon of integrity and accountability. As part of NUPRC’s mandate to oversee activities in the upstream oil and gas sector in a way to promote transparency, efficiency and sustainability through robust framework and strategic initiatives, the Commission has facilitated investments, enhanced operational standards and maximized social economic benefits derived from petroleum resources,” he stated.

Engr. Komolafe stressed that the detrimental impact of corruption cannot be overemphasized because it has a negative toll on the economy, hindering growth and stifling investments, therefore undermining public trust in institutions.

The CCE noted: “Corruption has also distorted economic activities, leading to the mismanagement of resources, inefficient public spending, and reduced productivity. It is therefore important to note that combating corruption will require a multifaceted approach, and NUPRC has long been committed from inception to play its part, with the successful launch of various initiatives aimed at promoting accountability, transparency and good governance in our operations.

“The establishment of ACTU in the Commission is to ensure that the operations of NUPRC are conducted with utmost integrity and compels with industry standards. The importance of ACTU to NUPRC cannot be overstated, and gathering for this inauguration is an affirmation to uphold the highest standard of ethical conduct and integrity within the organization. The establishment of ACTU is more than just a symbolic gesture; it is a meaningful step in aligning the Commission with the objectives and structures of the ICPC.”

The members of the NUPRC ACTU team were carefully selected from various strategic business units to cover the Commission’s activities. The Chief Executive charged each member to see the assignment as a call to service and for each of them to stand above all odds and carry out the important duty. He urged them to give their best, protect the integrity of the organization and conduct their activities without fear or Favour.

The CCE expressed gratitude to the ICPC for the unwavering support and partnership given to the Commission in the fight against abuses and to redouble efforts at creating a Nigeria that is free from the cord of corruption where integrity, transparency and accountability reign supreme.

The chairman of ICPC, Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu, represented by the Acting Director, expressed appreciation to the Commission for creating time to induct new members into ACTU in NUPRC.

The creation of ACTU in MDAs was initiated by the ICPC in collaboration with the Office of the Head of Civil Service and approved by the Federal Executive Council in 2001. ACTU is a recognized and approved government platform for building accountable and transparent structures within the MDAs. Management support of ACTU will be seen as an indication of compliance with government directives and an expression of management willingness to support the government’s anti-corruption drive.

He emphasized that the duty of ACTU is beyond the sensitization of staff to include the establishment of system processes and procedures that are not prone to corruption, provide solutions, development and review of domesticated code of ethics for the Commission, ensuring staff compliance by coordinating the deployment of the ethics and integrity compliance quota and undertaking a preliminary investigation into complains and reports received, among others. He commended the CCE for his initiative and support with this inauguration, making room for management to correct its weaknesses and develop a transparent workforce.

He implored management to see ACTU as an ally whose activities will be beneficial to NUPRC and support the unit to discharge its duties efficiently by creating a conducive environment, funding office accommodation, as well as incorporating members of the unit in various planning committees as observers. He urged the nominees to work efficiently in discharging their mandate, to not betray the trust reposed in them and to avoid any questionable acts given the strategic role they are expected to play.

The lawyer present at the inauguration administered the oath of allegiance to the nominees, who were called out one after the other. The NUPRC ACTU members were officially inaugurated the moment the oath was affirmed and administered,