08 Nov 2018


In line with DPR’s statutory regulatory oversight mandate for the oil and gas sector, the underlisted policy initiatives have been launched by DPR to promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in the Nigerian oil and gas sector:
This was the focus on the weekly “DPR Half Hour” Radio program on Radio Nigeria Lagos. The guests on the program today were Messrs; Benjamin Ewuga (Manager, Economics and Value Creation branch of the Planning Division) and Ogechi Iheukwumere (Chief Petroleum Engineer, Budget and Strategic Planning branch of the Planning Division) of the Department.

•Value Monitoring and Benchmarking (VMB)
Value Monitoring and Benchmarking (VMB) is a software application that will assists the DPR in the capture of oil and gas operations data in Nigeria ranging from exploration, oil and gas reserves, asset valuation, oil and gas technical production etc.

•Fiscal Payment Administration System (FISPAS)
Fiscal Payment Administration System (FISPAS) is an enterprise web application designed to securely manage fiscal revenues due to the federation

•Nigerian Oil and Gas Annual Report (NOGIAR)
Nigerian Oil and Gas Annual Report (NOGIAR) Is a publication that x-rays the performance of the Nigeria oil and gas industry annually.