03 Jul 2017

Revised General Requirements and Guidance Information for the Establishment Modular Refinery

As part of the strategy to reposition the Nigeria Oil & Gas industry, a roadmap of short and medium term priorities aimed at developing a stable and enabling Oil and Gas landscape with improved transparency, efficiency, stable investment climate and a well-protected environment, tagged “7big wins” was developed and launched by His Excellency, Mr. President in October 2016.

The fourth initiative in the roadmap, “Refineries and Local Production Capacity” seeks to transit Nigeria from being an import dependent Nation into a net exporter of refined petroleum products. Thus, presenting huge investment opportunities in the mid – downstream sector that will result in GDP growth and jobs creation.

A key component of this initiative is Government support for the establishment of third party financed Greenfield and modular refineries for in-country petroleum products sufficiency that will stimulate products export.

It is the intention of government that the refineries should be scalable and located within refinery clusters for effective operations and minimal environmental footprint.

This document therefore highlights essential guidance information, some important general and technical requirements for interested investors in refineries to enable smooth implementation of the initiative.

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