21 Sep 2017

Stakeholder engagement on the implementation of the IMPEX online process

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) hosted executives in the banking sector to an interactive session facilitated by the Strategy & Performance Evaluation Unit at the DPR headquarters in Lagos, on Thursday September 14th, 2017 as a follow-up to the previous engagement with the banks, to apprise them on the soon to be launched electronic Petroleum Products Import and Export Permitting process (IMPEX).

The Petroleum Products Imports and Export web based application is a digital process that supports the ease of doing business in line with the Federal Government’s initiative as enunciated by a recent Executive Order issued from the Presidency.


The forum was aimed specifically at demonstrating the procedures involved in the digital process for the IMPEX from inception to process completion. The new Impex digital platform will drastically reduce paper documentation, and the turnaround time for processing applications.


This initiative whose implementation is being facilitated by project consultants, MaxFront Resources Ltd, and coordinated by DPR’s Strategy & Performance Evaluation team as project overseers, is being anchored by the Downstream Division at the backend as the User entity to enhance transparency, reduce processing time and enhance overall data management system.


The workshop was an interactive one where the banking sector’s concerns bothering on processes and red-tape were assuaged and further clarifications were sought pertaining to some grey areas and in the end, there was commonality of purpose and shared ideas on how the project would be jointly managed for stakeholder success across board.