07 Oct 2016

DPR staff celebrate 56 years of Nigeria’s independence in style and colour

Nigeria has come a long way in the comity of nations.  As we Celebrate 56 years of our independence and history as a nation, it is important to celebrate our cultural diversity and rich heritage as a people of peace, hope, love and unity.

The story was not different at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) head office in Lagos, staff celebrated the independence day by showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria in their beautiful and very colorful cultural attires, there was also a variety of dishes from across the country on display at the staff canteen, to provide the perfect ambience for staff to unwind and celebrate independence in grand style.

The event reminded all staff of the need to be tolerant of one another despite our cultural and religious differences, to unite as one in order to achieve the aspirations of our founding fathers “….that though (our) tribes and tongues may differ….”…yet we must strive to…… “build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”.

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