30 Jun 2015

DPR emphasizes use of on-line portal for downstream permits

 M.D.B. LadanThe acting Director of Petroleum Resources, Mr. Mordecai Ladan has called for strong emphasis to be laid on the use of the DPR on-line portal to process licenses and permits in the downstream sector of DPR operations in order to enhance an efficient and timely turnaround of stakeholder applications including the recently introduced petroleum products import permits PPIPS.

Mr. Ladan who was recently appointed to oversee the Department pending the appointment of a substantive head, made this call while addressing the DPR top management team at a recent meeting held in Lagos.

He charged that all interested applicants should be directed to the DPR website where steps are readily available to guide them accordingly. DPR has lately commenced the procedure of processing licenses and permits through the on-line portal anchored on its electronic licensing and permitting systems ELPS.